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  • Co-signed book on the London FIlm-Maker's Co-operative's works and story

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  • Slow Writing is a collection of articles by Thom Andersen

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  • A book by Patrick Deval

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  • A catalog of Stan Brakhage's films along with a text by P. Adams Sitney

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  • A new book edited by Mike Hoolboom, featuring essays by: Jason McBride, Claudia Dey, Sholem Kristalka, Kyo Maclear, Terence Dick, Andrea Slovakova, Tom Sherman, Steve Reinke, Sarah Hollenberg, Monique Moumblow, Akira Mizuta Lippit.

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  • The Legend of Barbara Rubin - Film Culture 80 a book of articles, writings and stories by and about Barbara Rubin

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  • Paperback book in German of criticism and analysis of a film by Werner Nekes

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  • Book written by Dominique Noguez.

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