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Stéphane Marti (born January 7, 1951 in Algiers) is a filmmaker, visual artist and teacher as well as a user of Super 8, which he has practiced for 70 years and does everything for it survive the digital age. He studied under Dominique Neguez, an advocate and theoretician of experimental film, Michel Journiac, a major protagonist of the Body art and Andrew Almuro, a composer of electroacoustic music.

From 1985 to 2007, he worked at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Art from the University of Paris 1 Sorbonne and shared his experience to new generations of filmmakers in workshops. Moreover, he organizes several screenings of films from his workshops, "the Smarti Brigades".

In his films, Marti works around issues of the body, the sacred, of gender identity disorder and strategies of desire.

Attached immediately by critics at the "School of the body" cinema revolves primarily around issues of the body and the sacred, of gender identity disorder and strategies of desire. Always chiseling his films by the super 8 that combines visual splendor with artistic and against-cultural independence, he designed a operatic esthetics of the intimacy, whose mannerist decadence, the telluric forces, the splendor rituals, golds and purples forge baroque and flamboyant coordinated its "small theaters of the body".

Meanwhile, he engages in other practices such as painting, photography, installation, projection environments and shapes Totems facts assemblies, photomontages and objects from his own films and create, their combination, endless narratives, torn, fragmented as we know them in his films.

Since, in particular, The City of nine gates (Grand different cinema award and award of criticism in Hyères festival in 1977), his film work has been shown in a large number of festivals and national and international events (in Montreal , New York, London, Tokyo, etc.) and generated numerous articles and interviews.

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  • A documentary film by Frédérique Devaux and Michel Amarger+ 3 films by Stéphane Marti

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  • A CD by Berndt Deprez.

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  • A collection of 10 films from lowave and Collection Jeune Cinéma by experimental filmmakers such as Takahiko Iimura, Maurice Lemaître, Robert Todd, Tony Wu, George Hsin, Egbert Mittelstädt, Hugo Verlinde, et al.  Includes a bonus interview Marcel Mazé.

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  • A film by Stéphane Marti in limited edition Re:voir / The Film Gallery of 100 numbered DVDs

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  • From our VHS Les Trois Offrandes de Stéphane Marti 

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  • Pack of 3 DVDs with films by and about Stéphane Marti at a special discount price

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  • Pack including 8 DVDs from the collection Cinexperimentaux

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