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This pack includes 3 DVD releases with films by and about Stéphane Marti :

La Cité des neufs portes

The mastery of Marti explodes in La Cité des Neuf Portes, where this young filmmaker constructs a rigorous work, coherent while variegated, rhythmical like a concerto, with “piani” and “andante”. In this case, a concerto for masculine bodies, often in makeup or travesty and Super-8 camera. Generally editing the film in the camera at the moment of filming, and playing on the lightness of his equipment with quasi-caresses or filmic coruscations, Marti thus reveals himself to be one of the masters of Super-8.
- Dominique Noguez

DVD PAL interzone - 1977, Super 8 color, slides, sound, 70min


Les Forces de l'Ombre et de la Lumière (2012) are brews of fugitive sensations arranged from five films that I had the chance to shoot and share with Marcel Maze and whose titles are : Les Metaphores d'Alex (1998), Le rituel de Fontainebleau (2000), Le veau d’or (2001), Mira corpora (2004) and Les amants rouges (2009).

It is a fragmented portrait where Marcel embodies different characters, a mischievous dandy immersed in a profusion of shimmers and erotic pictures, a bewitching photographer featuring nonchalant beauties like Sicilian shepherds or a black angel, romantic walker Nosferant performing cyclical rituals that celebrate Eros and Thanatos. Dark or bright masks of his desires echoing. Lyrical images, film editions as secular and sacred celebrations where, in the often frenzied allegories which unveil a bewitching Marcel, entangled beautiful and young shooting stars such as Sarah, Orlan, Baptiste, Patrice, Samuel, Roman, Thomas, Anders, Alex, Christian, Yohan or Elie. 

Images carried away by the dramatic and fiery musical flows of a sublime Mozart concerto, surprisingly synchronous. Images which are ingrained in the very singular velvety of the Super 8, this silver material with visible granulation and low field depth, whose subtle or jerky vibrations favor the exploration of bodies in close-ups. Aficionados (das) will note the presence of Michel Journiac's original works, that of a chiffon doll by Michel Nedjar, and will undoubtedly decipher a few winks at Huysmans, Von Gloeden, Kenneth Anger, the Diva Assoluta and Jean Genet's Chant d'amour, a favorite film of the Young Cinema Collective since the early 1970s. Elusive flutters that flutter around Marcel throughout this poem of love and death. Marcel's grace radiates in this tribute film as it touched all those who met him. An infinite gratitude to the one who devoted 40 years of his existence to bring out the impossible, forgotten or forbidden works of the shadow and a tender personal thought for the one who was an accomplice, a mirror and a double in the update of the vital energy of desires.
-Stéphane Marti, 08/2018

Color, 16 mins, stereo

Cinexpérimentaux 7: STEPHANE MARTI

Stéphane Marti is a teacher and film-maker who, since 1976, has been expounding the plasticity of experimental cinema, freeing it from the dominant codes of narrative cinema. An avid defender of Super-8mm film (which he has been using for 30 years), he has fought for the acknowledgement of its excellence as a film-making tool. His work, which screens in festivals and at international events, has been the subject of numerous interviews and articles. Flamboyant, baroque and sensual, his work revolves primarily around the question of the body and the sacred.

A film by Frédérique Devaux and Michel Amarger / 2003-2005 video 17min

+ 3 films by Stéphane Marti

Allegoria 1979 Super8 14min
Diasparagmos 1980 Super8 13min
Mira Corpora 2004 Super8 45min

Author(s) Stéphane Marti, Frédérique Devaux, Michel Armager
Format DVD PAL, Interzone, Region 0 ALL
Language(s) French
Subtitles English
Publisher RE:VOIR

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