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Michael Snow is a contemporary Canadian artist, born in 1929 in Toronto, Ontario. M.Snow is a filmmaker, videomaker, photographer, sculptor, painter, piano player and composer. He's one of the major figures in the contemporary art world of the last half-century in Canada. First, in the 50's, he studies painting and sculpture. The artist finds himself in between of figuratif and abstraction. He also works in George Dunning's animation studios. His first film A to Z was projected in 1956. In the 60's, Michael Snow goes to live to New York. He makes his series Walking Woman and uses it everythere, until the subject is fulfilled in the form of photography album Four to Five, published in 1964. Three years later, his film Wavelength is awarded the Grand Prix of the fourth International Experimental Cinema Festival of Knokke-le-Zoute (Belgium). Here are some of Michael Snow's best known films: <-> (1969, AKA Back and Forth), La région centrale (1971), "Rameau's Nephew" by Diderot (Thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Shoen (1974), Presents (1981).

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  • A CD de Michael Snow, John Oswald and Paul Dutton.

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  • Small edition print of an essay by Nicky Hamlin

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  • A documentary film by Pip Chodorov on the history of experimental film.  Includes a 56 page book on the film.

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  • A CD by Michael Snow.

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  • A film by Michael Snow with Jane Fellowes and Peter Melnick, and with Robin Collyer, Keith Lock, Brian Day, Stephen Smith, Gregory Svaluto, Ric Amis and The Canada Council.

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  • Boxset with 2 DVDs and a book analyzing this grand oeuvre of Micheal Snow.  For orders destined for institutional use in North America, please contact GARTENBERG MEDIA.

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  • Book written by Érik Bullot. 

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  • A DVD that includes twelve Canadian moving image and sound artists interpreting Poem (1957) by Michael Snow.

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