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Virgil Widrich is an Austrian film-maker and multimedia artist. 

He started his film-making career very early at the age of 13 by shooting on a super-8 camera.

In the mid-1980's he began to take interest in computer generated images. At this time, he set up his own distribution company, Classic Films, which was focused on artistic films. After spending some time in Hollywood in late 1980's, he went back to his home country where he founded in 1993 the Diagonale Film Festival, intended to draw attention to the Austrian cinema by being a forum for the presentation and discussion of films from his home country.

In 2001, Widrich co-founded the production company Amour Fou Film, mainly engaged in art house films by young directors.

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  • DVD compilation of 8 short films and 2 bonus tracks from filmmaker Virgil Widrich.For orders destined for institutional use in North America, please contact GARTENBERG MEDIA.

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