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Vivian Ostrovsky (born on November 17th 1945 in New York, United States) is an experimental filmmaker and curator. Despite being born in New York, Ostrovsky spent most of her childhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and did her secondary studies there. She then pursued her studies in psychology and film at the Sorbonne University in Paris. She began working for Ciné-Femmes, a group which fought for feminism and its recognition. In 1980, she became a filmmaker and abandoned her career as an activist. She organized  a number of festivals, one of them being Jerusalem.

Ostrovsky’s films explore the theme of transit and she situates herself after French filmmaker and critic, Yann Beauvais between the “journall film” and the “collage film”.

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  • A documentary film by Frédérique Devaux and Michel Amarger about 4 experimental filmmakers: Martine Rousset, Nicolas Rey, Vivian Ostrovsky & Pip Chodorov.

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  • Book written by Nicolas Rey, Vivian Ostrovsky, William English and Yannick Koller.

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  • Pack including 8 DVDs from the collection Cinexperimentaux

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  • DVD gathering 16 films by Vivian Ostrovsky made between 1982 and 2014.For orders destined for institutional use in North America, please contact GARTENBERG MEDIA.

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