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Solomon Nagler is a Canadian director, producer and writer, best known for ‘Black Salt Water Elegy’ (2010), Cinemas (2014) and ‘J.’ (2009). Nagler received his BA with an honours in Philosophy from the University of Winnipeg and his MFA in Film Production from Concordia University. His films have been shown across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia at venues, such as: Centre Pompidou in Paris, L’Université Paris Panthéon Sorbonne and the Lincoln Center in New York. His work has been featured at a variety of different locations, including: Retrospectives at the Winnipeg Cinematheque in August of 2004, at the Excentris Cinema in Montreal in August of 2007, the Festival Du Cinéma Différent in Paris in December 2005 and 2007, The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and The Canadian Film Institute in 2009.

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  • The dvd anthology contains the complete recent cinematic works of Solomon Nagler. The Elegy Trilogy, the Landscape Trilogy, Notes on Gestures and Black Salt Water Elegy, working as a key of an architecture of striking visions.

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  • A collection of 8 films from lowave and Collection Jeune Cinéma by experimental filmmakers such as Solomon Nagler, Frédérique Devaux, Valérie Morignat, Shiho Kano, Dominik Lange, et al.  Includes  2 bonus films.

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