Le cinéma Futuriste by Giovanni Lista

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Book written by Giovanni Lista. 

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The volume offers a critical and chronological summary of the history of futuristic cinema from the 1910s to 1930s. DemystifyingPopular cinema by his irreverent attitude, futurist cinema first appears in the eyes of Marinetti as a futuristic revolution without advancing ideologies or theories. Then, through the dialectical assimilation futuristic ideas, brothers Ginanni - Corradini undertake a film dramatization based research and musicalisation lines and colors. The futuristic film experience is so radical . The author gives us an important testimony by the reconstruction of the events of the first film shoot , Vita futurist , designed and built in 1916 at the initiative of the Florentine futurist group. During the 1920s , the protean nature of futurism is recognized in a variety of themes and formal solutions participant of the international avant -garde aesthetics of the machine, vitalism celebration sounds, ecstatic vision of urban space , abstract kinetic , acceleration and kinetic visual interpenetration and a formal approach to documentary film as a tool for reading the modern world. Futurism is now much more a culture of European dimension one movement led by Marinetti in Italy activist . It is precisely in 1930, when the avant-garde cinema begins its decline due to the advent of sound , the Italian Futurism directed the film Velocita ( Speed ​​) Cordero , Martina and Oriani , which appears today as one of the most significant films of mouevment . The next period records searches vanguard performed independently by Goffredo Alessandrini, and Francesco d'Errico Corrado Di Cocco. Futuristic ideas then cease to fascinate directors of professional theater , or to mark the formal processes of documentary film. Futurism film is now identified with a style and an approach to the themes of modernity.

Author(s) Giovanni Lista
Year 2009
Language(s) French
Pages 160 pages
Publisher Paris Expérimental