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Book written by Christian Lebrat.

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There exists a cinema which takes unknown ways and invents its own rules. There exists a cinema which is independent of the trade industry, independent of the world of art and world of fashion. There exists a cinema in which each large film gives concerned the definition even of the cinema. There exists a cinema which renews forms permanently, like the methods of existence. There exists a cinema which constitutes a hard core, impossible to circumvent. It is this radical cinema which the author endeavours to explore through the analysis of some oeoeuvres major and exemplary.

Biography of the author: Writer and photographer, Christian Lebrat founded the editions Paris Experimental and staged several demonstrations of which the first retrospective in France of the work filmed of Jonas Mekas, presented in 1992 at the Galerie nationale du jeu de Paume, et Jeune, dure et pure ! A history of the cinema of avant-garde and experimental in France, presented in 2000 to the French Cineclub.

Author(s) Christian Lebrat
Format Paperback
Year 2008
Language(s) French
Pages 192 pages
Publisher Paris Expérimental