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David Perlov (born on June 9th 1930 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and died on December 13th 2003 in Tel Aviv, Israel) was a filmmaker, writer and Israeli cinematograph. He is considered to be the founder of Israeli cinema and has received international recognition for his cinematographic essays and especially his film diary.

He spent his early childhood in Belo Horizonte, then, at the age of ten, he moved to Sao Paulo.

He made a film in Paris in 1957, entitled 'Chinese Aunt' which lasts 17 minutes. In this film, Perlov incorporates caustic drawings of the provincial bourgeoisie of a twelve year old girl from 1890.

A year later, in 1958, he emigrated to Israel and made the 33-minute documentary essay 'A Jerusalem', one of the key films in the history of Israeli cinema.

Following the completion of two academic dramas, his new projects were refused by the ideological bureaucracy. As a result, he started using the 16mm which he used to make a film divided into six parts, 'Yoman / Journal'.

Since 1973, he taught filmmaking at the University of Tel Aviv.

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