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Mike Leggett (born in 1945 in the United Kingdom) has been working in various artistic mediums, such as: video, film, photography, interactive pieces, performance, as well as being a curator. Since the early 1970s, he has worked across institutions of art, education, cinema and media arts. He graduated with a First Class Honors and has a Master of Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts, University of New Wales; and received a PhD from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney. After getting an Australian Postgraduate Award, he began his investigative work on the precept of visual mnemonics in the development of tools and models for innovative ways of collaborating with digital motions pictures.

Leggett’s film and video artwork can be found in archives across the world, from Europe, to Australia, to both North and South America. Despite being a professional artist, curator and writer, his skills branch out to director/producer, editor, photographer, lecturer, manager and computer consultant.

He has had the opportunity to take part in various collaborations: Burning the Interface, an exhibition curation with Linda Michaels for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; PathScape (2000) an interactive multimedia prototype for the Australian Film Commission in which he worked with programming, sound and image artists; Unword (1969-2003) a performance collaboration with artist Ian Breakwell.

In more recent times, he has written articles, journals and books such as: Generative Systems and the Cinematic Spaces of Film and Installation Art in Leonardo V40 N2 (2007). His writings and lectures focus on media art, enabling him to contribute his pieces to journals (Leonard; Continuum), magazines (Word Art), online ‘zines’ (FineArt Forum), RealTime, and Leonard Digital reviews as a book reviewer.

Leggett has done consultations for councils and associations located in Australia including: the Australia Council, the National Association for the Visual Arts and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne. He was one of the founders of the London Filmmakers Cooperative workshop and the Bristol Film and Video Workshop; was Chair of the South West Arts Film and Video Panel (UK), and served on the Board of dLux Media Arts (Sydney) for two years.

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