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Jean-Marie Straub (born on January 8th, 1933 in Metz, France) is a French director, editor and producer, known for ‘The Chronicle of Anna-Magdanela Bach’ (1968), ‘Class Relations’ (1984) and ‘Sicilia!’ (1999).

He was responsible for the film-clubs in his hometown of Metz in the early 1950s before going to Paris and after having finished his studies in Alsace-Lorraine. In 1954, he met his future wife and main collaborator Danièle Huillet. He wrote articles for ‘Radio-Cinéma-Television’ and worked as an assistant-intern for a variety of film, including: ‘La Tour de Nesle d’Abel Gance’, ‘Elena and Her Men’ by Jean Renoir, ‘A Man Escaped’ by Robert Bresson and ‘Fool’s Mate’ by Jacques Rivette.

In 1963, he co-produced his first short-length film, ‘Machorka-Muff’. Similarly to his first feature, ‘Not Reconciled’, Straub and Huillet question the survival of nazisme in postwar Germany. The two films were inspired by Heinrich Böll’s writings.

Along with Danièle Huillet, Straub imposed a particular system of production. Both directed, wrote and produced their own films in order to maintain their creative independence. In 1967, the couple pioneered a new kind of cinema with their film ‘The Chronicle of Anna-Magdalena Bach’, which puts into question the narrative scheme and traditional esthetic.

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