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Nicolas Rey is a French filmmaker, born in 1968 (do not confuse with Nicolas Ray, american director). Since 1993, Rey usually shootes on expired Super-8 or 16mm films. In 1995, he contibuted to the founding of the L'Abominable, a collective workshop in Paris, a place to develop and edit films. His first two films, the short Terminus for You (1996) and Opera Mundi or the Time of Outerwear (1999), are 16mm in black and white. The third film The Soviets More Electricity, directed in 2001, which is Super-8 swelled to 16mm and his first full length feature (170 min.) and there he retraces his father communist, Nicolas Rey shot in colour. According to Christa Blümlinger, cinema and contemporary art critic, Rey "renews thus the artistic and artisanal traditions of cinema, finding in ancient technics and materials the opportunity of a plastic renewal, this film finds itself making a kind of reconciliation of the two avant-gardes, separated for a long time and ignoring each other mutually: the one of the experimental cinema, originated in fine arts environment and coming from New York, and the other which shaped itself in Europe, as a result of post-war modernist cinema, which we could call essayist." Then Nicolas Rey was interested by the economic decline of the industry and showed Schuss! (2005), set in the Alps. His last movie Differently, Molussia (2012), from adapted Günter Anders' tales about fascism, has been paid attention severel times: it was selectioned in the Berlinale (Forum Expanded), it took the Grand Prix in the festival Cinema of the Real in Paris, it entered in competition in Brussels for the Prix de l'Âge d'or (Golden Age Prize).

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  • A documentary film by Frédérique Devaux and Michel Amarger about 4 experimental filmmakers: Martine Rousset, Nicolas Rey, Vivian Ostrovsky & Pip Chodorov.

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  • Book written by Nicolas Rey, Vivian Ostrovsky, William English and Yannick Koller.

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  • Pack including 8 DVDs from the collection Cinexperimentaux

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