Le Temps des Assis (Lettre à Pierre Lazareff)

Le Temps des Assis (Lettre à Pierre Lazareff) / Book View larger

Original edition of a paperback book by Maurice Lemaître. Available only in French!

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This violent polemic book, written as a "letter to a Prince" (in this case Pierre Lazareff, the little emperor of information), is both a relentless measuring rod to judge the baseness of our obscure or famous contemporaries and a combat weapon for a greater future of man.

Started several years ago and constantly hardened since without a éditueur (even one who had command) will venture to publish it, the book is a sharp scalpel whose analyses have already proved prophetic. But beyond a ruthless ranking of men and today's values, it also provides a platform for new solutions and dynamic projects that could make life in our time sclerotic.

Some of the author's sentences will probably revolt the reader, and may often show a marked intransigence, the same fanaticisms that brutalize or clench at the heart and intelligence. The language and ideas of Maurice Lemaître, take off with undeniable fervor and a breath of irresistible hope.

This challenge to the reader itself in question, can not be dodged.

Original edition

Author(s) Maurice Lemaître
Artist(s) Maurice Lemaître, Pierre Lazareff
Format Paperback
Year 1963
Language(s) French
Pages 103 pages
Publisher Editions Jean Grassin