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Ken Paul Rosenthal is an award winning independent filmmaker, photographer, educator and activist. His films are visually sensual, emotionally intelligent works of art that also function as tools for personal and societal transformation. He has received the Kodak Cinematography Award, numerous festival awards, and is recognized for his media work in mental health advocacy. He holds an MA in Creative & Interdisciplinary Arts, an MFA in Cinema Production, and has taught film as a means of cultivating personal vision in workshops and universities in North America and abroad. Currently he has been working on poetic mental health documentaries in which we experience personal and political stories through natural and urban landscapes, home movies and archival mental hygiene films. His film Crooked Beauty has been invited to 35 film festivals, won 16 awards, and been presented in person at dozens of peer support networks, hospitals, universities, mental health symposia and community events worldwide. Over 2,500 Crooked Beauty DVDs have been distributed, including 160 academic libraries.

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