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The versatile Dutch artist, photographer and film maker Henri Plaat traveled a lot. Born in Amsterdam in 1936, he was fascinated by history and ancient writings. Plaat wanted to become an archeologist. He visited Greece, the Middle-East, India and Latin America, where remains of ‘places of history’, fascinated him. In 1966, Plaat got an Eumig camera and he started making short films, what became "exploded hobby". He filmed such locations and, like in his drawings and paintings, fantasy and reality supplemented each other in 8mm and 16mm footage. He describes them as "atmospheric movies, often photomontages with mixes of war sounds, airplane rumble, Zarah Leander's voice, Wagner's music... All fragments, leading to amazing effects."

Plaat made some forty different films full of fragments of reality, sometimes absurd, surreal or melancholic. He has a fascination for WW2, travelling, film music and the slow decay of things. "I want to register places and things before it gets destroyed by modernity and progression. Before it is lost forever."

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