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David Perry (born in 1933 in Sydney, Australia) is an Australian photographer and filmmaker. Along with Albie Thomas, Aggy Read and others, he helped establish Ubu Films, named after Alfred Jarry’s play Ubu Roi, in 1965, which served as a precursor to the Sydney Filmmaker Co-operative: Australia’s first consciously avant garde filmmaking group.

A few of his 16 mm experimentals films include: ‘Walking’ (1955), ‘The Tribulations of Mr. Dupont Nomore’ (1967), ‘Bolero’ (1967), ‘A Sketch of Abigayl’s Belly’ (1968), ‘David Perry’s Album’ (1970), ‘Adam’ (1975), ‘Ubu Films’ (1965-1970) and ‘Refracting Glasses’ (1992).

Perry utilizes various formats in order to portray his ease and pleasure from moving from one media to the next, while inventing a new aesthetic expression. Similarly to other moving image artists, he worked as a painter, photographer and developed his technical understanding of photography as a printer.

Alongside other experimental filmmakers, he focused on an anti-art discourse and pursued his interest with national narrative cinema. In the early 1950s, he began experimenting with 8mm and stood out as being one of the first self-consciously artistic filmmaker in the nation. Despite his influence as a filmmaker, he quickly came to the realization that his work was a waste of time seeing that a filmmaker’s only duty was to make entertainment films which told banal stories, stripped of originality.  

Perry draws his inspiration from filmmakers, such as: D.W. Griffith, Carl Theodor Dryer…

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