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  • Régine Robin & Macha Makeieff
  • Michel Nedjar
  • Mark Rappaport

    Mark Rappaport, originally from New York, worked as an editor before making his own films, among which include The Scenic Route (1978) Impostors (1980) Postcards (1990) and Exterior Night (1994). His other films include Rock Hudson's Home Movies (1992), From the Journals of Jean Seberg (1995) and The Silver Screen / Color Me Lavender (1998). Many of his articles on film have been published in the cinema revue 'Traffic' over the years and in cinema. The Spectator Who Knew Too Much is the first collection of his writings. In 2008, his film photomontages were projected for the first time at Lincoln Center in New York, as part of the New York Film Festival. Mark Rappaport currently lives in Paris.

  • Dominique Noguez
  • Charlemagne Palestine
  • Pierre Schaeffer

    Pierre Henri Marie Schaeffer (born August 14, 1910, Nancy, Lorraine, France - died August 19, 1995, Aix-en-Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône, France) was a French composer, writer, broadcaster, engineer, musicologist and acoustician. He is noted as the inventor of musique concrete. He is generally acknowledged as being the first composer to make music using magnetic tape.

  • Patrice Rollet

    Patrice Rollet was born in Bordeaux in 1951.
    He is on the editorial board of the journal Traffic since its founding by Serge Daney in 1991 after having been successively responsible for Vertigo magazine and literary editor of Cahiers du cinema.
    It has also engaged with Jean-Claude Biette, the most comprehensive edition to date of Serge Daney works under the general title The house cinema and the world.

  • Jérome Sans
  • Paul Sharits
  • Peter Tscherkassky
  • René Vautier
  • Laurent Véray
  • Alain & Odette Virmaux

    French authors and critics of experimental film

  • Barabara Sternberg
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  • A collection of texts on film by the Grand Jeu group

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  • artist books, 5" x 5 1/4", 2016

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  • A book on the films of Barbara Sternberg.

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  • Booklet with texts by Jean Cocteau with a preface by Dominique Noguez and a postface by Alain Virmaux

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  • Book written by Laurent Véray.

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  • Book written by Gaël Badaud, Teo Hernandez, Jakobois and Michel Nedjar.

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  • Vinyl record with 24 slides printed in 30x30cm booklet format

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  • Issue 4 of Found Footage Magazine, which is a printed film studies journal distributed worldwide. It offers theorical, analytical and informative content related to found footage filmmaking practices.  Text in English with full-color photos. Special issue on Peter Tscherkassky.

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