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The book studies alternately the relations which cinema has with the realities of various statuses - arts, disciplines, attitudes, contents, et cetera.

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Here are approached the relations between the cinema and the arts, disciplines, contents, et cetera, which nourish him or which he nourishes. In these approaches, one of the terms has priority over the others, like a star has it over it's satellites. Cinema here is the star, because it is by nature central and attracting, more than any other art, it is enamored of flirts and of fusions.

It's also capable moving reverse. Making empty around itself, he can turn towards itself in the search of it's essence. This is the subject of the last chapter: after the cinema and, it's the cinema without.

Author(s) Dominique Noguez
Year 2010
Language(s) French
Pages 216
Publisher Paris expérimental