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Yann Paranthoën was born in 1935 in Brittany, France, and died in 2005. This artist, being a stonecutter's son, is often called in french "tailleur de sons", or the "soundcutter". Yann Paranthoën listened to the radio for the first time during the nazi occupation, it was Radio Londres, Radio London in fench. The radio, it was his destiny. First, he became a radio operator in the French navy, later he worked for more over than thirty years in the "civilian" radio. In the RTF, later in France Inter and France Culture, he is sound operator, editor and, last but not least, emission author (from Oreille en coin to Papous dans la tête). His production counts about a hundred of titles, among those some milestones of history of radiophonic documentary, for example: Questionnaire pour Lesconil (1980), On Nagra (1987). He has also created his own documentaries.

Yann Paranthoën? His name symbolizes the art radio (as they say cinema or art photography). He discovered a way to tell the world through sound, inventing a language and totally renewing the basics of radio broadcasting. In its broadcasts, speech is a material carving, as well as the life of sounds or silences. Similarly, for him, the voice is primarily a music before being meaningful. In both written desecrating the image, he changed the order of things and renewed our relationship with reality. Distancing himself from the "everyday radio," he readily compared his job to paint or to the size of granite as practiced his father extract of reality sound block, mount it as the stone size , as we polish the mix. Here is how he spoke: "I compare the radio with paint. For me, radio has more to do with the visual arts. I make a painting ... a sound picture, I divided the sounds as colors. "
His death in 2005 was seen as symbolically stating the fading of some form of "creation radio" in its most demanding form. That is why it was urgent to honor him, so that his work continue its route to new listeners, confirming them to prefer the conventional radio, the sovereign liberty of sound art.

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