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  • Co-signed book on the London FIlm-Maker's Co-operative's works and story

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  • Slow Writing is a collection of articles by Thom Andersen

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  • A book by Patrick Deval

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  • A catalog of Stan Brakhage's films along with a text by P. Adams Sitney

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  • A new book edited by Mike Hoolboom, featuring essays by: Jason McBride, Claudia Dey, Sholem Kristalka, Kyo Maclear, Terence Dick, Andrea Slovakova, Tom Sherman, Steve Reinke, Sarah Hollenberg, Monique Moumblow, Akira Mizuta Lippit.

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  • Paperback book in German of criticism and analysis of a film by Werner Nekes

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  • Book written by Dominique Noguez.

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  • Xcèntric Cinema. Conversations on the creative process and the filmic vision, edited by Gonzalo de Lucas, takes us into the workshop of the filmmaker, that personal space in which film creators think about their working methods and aesthetic ideas.

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