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Paul Winkler is an internationally renowned filmmaker who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Together with Corinne and Arthur Cantrill, Albie Thoms and David Perry, Winkler for many years was among the nucleus of the once thriving Australian experimental filmmaker scene.

Born 22 June 1939 in Hamburg, Germany Winkler underwent a bricklaying apprenticeship before he relocated to Australia in 1959. His self education in film and film history began in 1962 when he also commenced filmmaking, initially working in 8mm on Bell & Howell and Canon cameras. In 1967 he switched to 16mm and a Bolex camera which he used ever since.

Winkler's approach to filmmaking is primarily an organic one. His films are a synthesis of the intellect and emotion all filtered through the plastic material of film, balancing delicately between form and content.

These images in his films are clearly marked by the use of devices to create them. Winkler may briefly show the unaltered image in the beginning of a film. But inevitably processing will occur, and Winkler's "low-tech invention pushes the possibilities of comparatively simple mechanics and long-known camera devices to their outer limits and beyond" (Petzke). Mostly, these are still and moving mattes and the optical printer also some inventions of his own. They always result in refreshingly new images full of sensual impressions.

In 1995, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Sydney Intermedia Network honored Winkler with a retrospective screening of a total of 30 of his films. The following year, Harvard Film Archive at the Carpenter Centre for the Visual Arts, Harvard University Cambridge, Boston USA screened 30 films in a three-day retrospective.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York hold 15  of his films in their collection. Prints are also available from Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre in Toronto, Canada, the New York Filmmakers Coop, Light Cone in Paris, Red Avocato Films in Germany, the National Film+Sound Archive, Canberra, Australia and many other outlets the world over.

Winkler won many Australian awards but also in the US: at the Black Maria, Ann Arbor, Chicago and Baltimore Film Festivals.

(Source: Red Avocado Film)

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