Double 8 Film - Cine8 BW Negative 400 ASA High Speed (25 ft / 7.6m)

25 ft (7.6m) x2 roll of Double 8 Black and white 400ASA film

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FPP Cine8 8mm 400 BW High Speed Negative Film
Double 8 (a.k.a. Regular 8) BW negative film - 25 ft roll x 2 (Shoot side 1, flip reel, shoot side 2) / 400 ASA.

Negative film is for scanning and not for projection. This is a high speed ISO film (400 ASA) and is designed for existing light situations.  This film requires the use of a light meter in order to set your lens f-stop. A Neutral Density (ND) filter is recommended if you wish to shoot in broad daylight. Please read all the information on this page before ordering.

  • Black and White Negative Film
  • 2x8 mm standard / 25 foot roll film
  • Normally 8mm is shot at 16fps (frames per second)
  • Camera shutter speed at 16fps is 1/30th sec
  • Frame size 4.8mm x 3.5mm
  • Not for cameras that need 8mm magazine cartridge film. Not for Super 8 cartridge cameras