Double 8 Film - Cine8 BW Reversal 100 ISO (25 ft / 7.6m)

25 ft (7.6m) x2 roll of Double 8 Black and white reversal 100ASA film.

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FPP Cine 8 Double 8mm (a.k.a. Regular 8) BW positive reversal* film / 25 ft roll (equals 50 feet developed film) / 100 iso / Shoot side 1, flip reel, shoot side 2.

This film is for Regular 8mm cameras that accept 25 foot spools of Double 8 film. Shoot side one, flip the film and shoot side two.

Reversal film means you will receive back Regular 8mm positive film that's perfect for projecting in a vintage projector (and/or having scanned).

On the first pass though the camera, the film is exposed only along half of its width. When the first pass is complete, the operator opens the camera and flips and swaps the spools. The same film is exposed along its other edge. After the film is developed, the processor splits it down the middle resulting in two lengths of 8mm film (double 8mm), single perforated on each side making for (1) 50 foot roll. This film WILL NOT fit Super 8 cameras or 8mm cameras that need a magazine cartridge.