Tentatives de se décrire (TRYING TO DESCRIBE ONESELF)

DVD Boxset including a 192-page book edited by Yellow Now & Fondation Boris Lehman

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To keep on and on
going round oneself -
clearly impossible
but what else to do?

I come back to myself
as in a nostalgic dream
each time filming what no longer exists
what has died in me
already the past
and shadow of myself

I keep in filming
again and again
to declare that I film
not what I forgot to include
but what didn't yet exist

Tentatives de se décrire (Trying to describe oneself) will be a movie about representation. How it is possible, through film, to describe oneself and describe others. With the camera as mirror and third eye. At first, a collage-like combination of letter-writing, investigation and journey, something between documentary and feature film. Finally, a portrait of Boris Lehman from 1989 to 1995, part II of BABEL.

"The camera gives concrete expression to my desire to see" (Johan van der Keuken)

Boris Lehman - Tentatives de se décrire (Bande annonce) from Re:Voir Video on Vimeo.

Author(s) Boris Lehman
Format DVD9 PAL 4:3
Original format 16mm
Year 1989 - 1995
Language(s) French
Subtitles English
Runtime 165 minutes
Pages 192 pages
Publisher Re:Voir, Yellow Now & Fondation Boris Lehman

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