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3 DVD pack of 3 films by Boris Lehman

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à la recherche de ma lieu de naissance

Film director Boris Lehman returns, after 44 years, to Lausanne, where he was born in 1944, at the end of the war.

"Film director Boris Lehman returns, after 44 years, to Lausanne, where he was born in 1944, at the end of the war. He only lived there one year. His parents were Jews who had sought refuge in Belgium when the Nazis seized power in Poland. Forced to flee from Belgium during the German occupation, they had reached neutral Switzerland after a clandestine journey across France. Boris Lehman remembers nothing of all this. His parents are dead, all witnesses have disappeared. Armed with only a few documents and photographs found in a cardboard box, he wanders through Lausanne, searching for signs that would evoke his presence, his early life, the evidence of his very existence. But the city remains silent and remote."
- Freddy Buache, Boris Lehman: films that say “I”

“Does a first person cinema exist today? In a system of production inexorably modeled on the American standard, works that dare to be subjective, both in style and content, are growing scarce. In this simplistic context, the Belgian film-maker Boris Lehman seems a dinosaur of the 7th art.”
- Marcel Leiser

HISTOIRE DE MES CHEVEUX: de la brièveté de la vie

The story of my hair can be told in two lines. My hair was long and black. It has turned white. It hasn't been cut since 1982, almost thirty years ago. Story of my Hair is a journey, both in space and in time. Anyone looking for truths, whether geographical, scientific or historical, will be disappointed. After looking at real events and real places the film very soon distances itself from them, preferring poetry and fiction. In his own fashion the auteur has combined the story of Samson and Delilah, the journey of those condemned to the death camps, the science of hair and a few thoughts about the meaning and fragility of life.

Includes a 24-page full-color booklet.

Leçon de vie

"To attain knowledge, man and woman had to be willing to give up their innocence," says Boris Lehman. Life Lesson is a poetic and philosophic reflection on the theme of paradise lost. Some fifty persons illustrate the planet's convulsions and the world's vacillations. Trying to communicate, to commune with the invisible, they cry out, sing out, give out messages, each in their own way, in their own state of solitude. These are like multiple echoes that resemble waves in the water or stars in the sky.

"Behind these images and sounds that have been stifled by today's society, Lehman hunts for noises, cries, songs, messages that go astray. He says that if we look at the invisible we may hear the words. He invites us to look beyond the appearances of social life and to vibrate in tune with life's polyphony that is all around us."
- Philippe Simon

Author(s) Boris Lehman
Format 3 DVD PAL
Language(s) French
Subtitles English, German
Publisher RE:VOIR

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    A film by Boris Lehman

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    A film by Boris Lehman."Story of my Hair is a journey, both in space and in time"16mm, color, 91min, 2011 For orders destined for institutional use in North America, please contact GARTENBERG MEDIA.

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