7 Films By Boris Lehman

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DVD with 7 short films by Boris Lehman

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The solid core of Boris Lehman's cinematographic galaxy, its central constellation or nebula, or even its black hole that absorbs any neighbouring projects, is undoubtedly Babel. The filmmaker stages himself there as a representative who is at once singular yet common to all of humanity - it was clearly a fatality that he would one day play the role of Christ. Extraordinary events are banished, but also anything that does not belong to the character's world. Friends, places and occupations are purged of their banality by being filmed. Boris does not fictionalise them or transform them into epics; he immortalises them by appropriating their image, because cinema is a form of vampirisation. (...) "Being filmed is being loved". This is why, in retribution for the gifts from so many friends, he films them. This is why, desperately, he films himself.
-- Saguenail 

Selection of 7 films by Boris Lehman:

1. PORTRAIT OF THE PAINTER IN HIS STUDIO, 40', 16mm color, 1985
2. SILENT AS A FISH, 38', 16mm color, 1987
3. EARTHEN MAN, 40', 16mm color, 1989
4. THE LAST SUPPER The Gospel According to St Boris, 14', 16mm color, 2003
5. ALTERATIONS AND REPAIRS A Portrait of Richard Kenigsman, 51', 16mm couleur, 2009
6. ARTIST BEING WATCHED, 36', 16mm couleur, 2008
7. THINGS THAT CONNECT ME WITH BEINGS, 15', 16mm couleur, 2010  

Includes a 56-page book by Yellow Now & Fondation Boris Lehman.

Author(s) Boris Lehman
Artist(s) Boris Lehman, Arié Mandelbaum, Paulus Brun, Richard Kenigsman, Antoine-Marie Meert
Format 2 DVD PAL, 4:3, Mono
Original format 16mm color
Year 1985-2010
Language(s) French
Subtitles English
Runtime 234 min
Pages 56
Publisher RE:VOIR

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