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  • A book of Robert Haller's photograhpy dealing with the human form and landscapes.

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  • A collection of essays and texts on the work of the filmmaker Alexandre Alexeïeff written by Ginnalberto Bendazzi.

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  • A new edition of a screenplay by Isidore Isou, first published in 1953.  Available only in French!

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  • Biography of the actress Bernadette Lafont with a focus on her trajectory in film

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  • Catalog of the exhibition of moving images BOOM CUT GUERILLA, held at Tank art space in Marseille from 25 to 30 August 2016.

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  • The catalog and DVD published for the "Retrospective Exhibition of the Early Video Art" at the Nagoya City Gallery in Japan on 2006.1.5-22*CATALOG IN JAPANESE LANGUAGE*

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  • Some texts from Marcel Hanoun 24 pages - 2005 - Alias

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  • A DVD and book by Lionel 'Fox' Magali covering the work of Crium Delirium

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