Stan Vanderbeek - Computer Generation

The third volume of our DVD collection of Stan Vanderbeek's films with 11 films

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We’re just fooling around on the outer edges of our own sensibilities. The new technologies will open higher levels of psychic communication and neurological referencing.” For the last five years Stan VanDerBeek has been working simultaneously with live-action and animated films, single and multiple-projection formats, intermedia events, video experiments, and computer graphics. Clearly a Renaissance Man, VanDerBeek has been a vital force in the convergence of art and technology, displaying a visionary’s insight into the cultural and psychological implications of the Paleocybernetic Age.
-Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema 1970

Poemfield #1 (5’) 1967 
Poemfield #2 (6’) 1966-1971
Poemfield #3 (10’) 1967 
Poemfield #5 (7’) 1967 
Poemfield #7 (4’) 1967 
Moirage(8’) 1967
Who Ho Ray #1 (8’) 1966-1972
Who Ho Ray 2-screen Composite (8’) 1966-1972
Ad Infinitum (10’) 1968
Ad Infinitum 3-screen Composite (10’) 1968
Euclidean Illusions (9’) 1980

Author(s) Stan Vanderbeek
Format DVD5 PAL Interzone/Region 0 DVD5, 4:3, STEREO, B&W/COLOR
Year 1959-1965
Language(s) English
Subtitles French
Runtime 114 mins
Publisher Re:Voir

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