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If you are buying an item for an institution, you need to buy institutional rights along with your purchase.

Please choose the appropriate rights below and add them to your cart.

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All of Re:Voir's titles are available for purchase with institutional rights fees. These are fees that are added onto the original purchase price of the DVD. These fees allow an institution to use the purchased items in a classroom or library setting.

These fees vary according to country or region. Institutional rights fees for European institutions are 42.65euros sans VAT per title purchased. The fees for North American, Canadian and Japanese institutions are 125euros with no added tax per title purchased. The fees for Australian and New Zealand institutions are 75euros per title purchased. For all other countries wishing to purchase institutional rights, please contact us at for a quote on fees for your country.

For boxsets with multiple titles, these fees are amended as follows: for boxsets with 2 items, the fee is doubled, boxsets with 3-5 items, the fee is tripled and for boxsets with 6 or more items, the fee is quadrupled. After the institutional rights fees have been paid, the items purchased will be shipped with a institutional rights document that gives permission to the institution purchasing the rights to use the titles in an educational or library setting within their institution.