• Philippe Garrel - Marie pour Mémoire Blu-Ray&DVD

    An unprecedented edition of Philippe Garrel's first feature film: ''Marie pour mémoire''A return to childhood, to the primitive gesture of the filmmaker, to his teenage years of cries and revolts, mutism and withdrawal. This edition also includes his first short film, "Les Enfants Désaccordés", which he directed at 16. Finally, there is the famous ''Actua I", revolutionary documentary film - supported by Jean-Luc Godard - on the month long barricades of May '68, finally unearthed after 47 years from the JLG film archive.
    These 3 films have a common theme: adolescence, the age of revolt. What is remarkable for a filmmaker from a young age is that they are driven by radically different visions and gestures. ''Marie pour mémoire'' is one of the more distant fiction conceived in autobiographical approach in the filmmaker's filmography, tending towards a slow dive into madness and fabulation.

  • Stan Brakhage - Anticipation of the Night Blu-Ray&DVD

    “Imagine an eye unruled by manmade laws of perspective, an eye unprejudiced by compositional logic, an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an adventure of perception.” 

    ANTICIPATION OF THE NIGHT (16mm, couleur, silencieux, 40 mins, 1958)

    + 60-page EN/FR booklet with texts by: Stan Brakhage, P. Adams Sitney, Scott MacDonald, Patrice Rollet and Scott Hammen.

  • Patrick Bokanowski - L'ANGE & UN RÊVE SOLAIRE

    RELEASE DATE : JAN 31st 2018


    L’ANGE 1977-1982, 35mm, new restored version 2016, scan 2K, color, Stereo, 70’

    BONUS « Un créateur de l’imaginaire : Patrick Bokanowski - collection Hiéroglyphes Réalisateur : Jean-Claude Lubtchansky  ©INA 1975 » + « Un créateur de l’imaginaire - collection Ciné-Court - Réalisateur : Jean-Claude Lubtchansky  ©INA 1977 » + Interview Michèle Bokanowski extrait de « Court-circuit n°180 » Réalisateur : Lorenzo Recio 


    UN RÊVE SOLAIRE 2016, HD video, color, 63’

    BONUS Genèse de « Un Rêve Solaire », a film by Pip Chodorov, 2017, HD video, color, 7’

  • Jonas Mekas - He Stands in a Desert Counting the Seconds of his Life

    "Portraits of people I have spent time with, places, seasons of the year, weather (storms, snow, blizzards, etc.), many of my film-maker friends – streets and parks of New York – brief escapes into the nature, out of town – nothing spectacular, all very insignificant, unimportant celebrations of life that has gone, by now, and remains only as a record in these personal, brief sketches. ‘You keep a diary and the diary will keep you.’ – Mae West, to Peter Beard.”

    from the original (1985) notes on the film

    J. M.

  • François Miron - PAUL SHARITS documentary

    The first feature-length documentary about Sharits, François Miron’s film is both a perceptive exploration of his oeuvre by a filmmaker who has studied Sharits’ work in depth, and a revealing account of his often troubled life. Featuring interviews and footage of Sharits along with new interviews with other filmmakers, scholars and family members, the documentary sketches a portrait of a tormented, deeply romantic artist, always courting disaster but also cursed by an inherited mental condition. PAUL SHARITS is both a terrific introduction to Sharits’ life and work, and, for those with a longstanding interest in the filmmaker, a treasure trove of rare footage, illuminating commentary and archival materials. 



    DVD Boxset including a 192-page book edited by Yellow Now & Fondation Boris Lehman

    Taking photos and making films are two ways of touching people. People have become the main subject of my collections. Collecting is much like an act of faith. It is a creative act, a chance to discover oneself, while at the same time participating in other's passions. My photographs -and my films- seek out human contact, and they find it. (Boris Lehman)