• Suzan Pitt
  • Jonas Mekas - He Stands in a Desert Counting the Seconds of his Life

    "Portraits of people I have spent time with, places, seasons of the year, weather (storms, snow, blizzards, etc.), many of my film-maker friends – streets and parks of New York – brief escapes into the nature, out of town – nothing spectacular, all very insignificant, unimportant celebrations of life that has gone, by now, and remains only as a record in these personal, brief sketches. ‘You keep a diary and the diary will keep you.’ – Mae West, to Peter Beard.”

    from the original (1985) notes on the film

    J. M.

  • François Miron - PAUL SHARITS documentary

    The first feature-length documentary about Sharits, François Miron’s film is both a perceptive exploration of his oeuvre by a filmmaker who has studied Sharits’ work in depth, and a revealing account of his often troubled life. Featuring interviews and footage of Sharits along with new interviews with other filmmakers, scholars and family members, the documentary sketches a portrait of a tormented, deeply romantic artist, always courting disaster but also cursed by an inherited mental condition. PAUL SHARITS is both a terrific introduction to Sharits’ life and work, and, for those with a longstanding interest in the filmmaker, a treasure trove of rare footage, illuminating commentary and archival materials. 

  • Sandy Ding's DVD Psychoecho, available starting November 28

    Sandy Ding is an experimental filmmaker who lives and works in Beijing,  China. He graduated from CalArts Film School USA in 2007 and started teaching in China Central Academy of Fine Arts since 2008. He produced several psycho-active films with the idea of combining ritual process in projection and sound. His work is energy patterns, telling mysteries with abstractions or powerful symbolic elements. He is equally interested in live performance of theater projections, untypical gallery projections, installations and live noise music to extend the idea of experimental film.


    Studio één - Experimental Films from the Lowlands DVD

    In collaboration with EYE Film Museum Amsterdam.

    This DVD edition includes works of various Dutch artists who had a main role in the early years of Studio één, from 1992 to 1996.

    The booklet contains an interview with each of the filmmakers.



    DVD Boxset including a 192-page book edited by Yellow Now & Fondation Boris Lehman

    Taking photos and making films are two ways of touching people. People have become the main subject of my collections. Collecting is much like an act of faith. It is a creative act, a chance to discover oneself, while at the same time participating in other's passions. My photographs -and my films- seek out human contact, and they find it. (Boris Lehman)

  • Condition of Illusion


    The special edition DVD brings together 11 films by Peter Gidal made between 1967 to 2013.

    It is accompanied by a unique 40-page booklet of texts about the filmmaker’s work by Patricia L. Boyd, Stephen Heath and Chris Kennedy.

    The transparent page booklet was designed by Diana Vidrascu and Peter Gidal as a unique limited-edition object, available both in English and French.