Doc's Kingdom / Scenes from the Class Struggle in Portugal

DVD/BR combo with two films by Robert Kramer

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Following the Carnation Revolution in 1975, Robert Kramer forged a powerful political and cinematic bond with Portugal, which he expressed in four successive projects: With Freedom in Their Eyes (1976), a book of photographs taken in Angola when the country was liberated from Portuguese colonial rule and descended into civil war; the activist documentary Scenes from the Class Struggle in Portugal (1977), which analyzes the country’s revolution; Wim Wenders’ The State of Things (1982), made with Portuguese producer Paolo Branco, filmed in Sintra and co-scripted by Kramer; Doc’s Kingdom (1988), produced by Paolo Branco, in which the Doc character, first seen in Ice in 1969, wistfully drifts around Porto’s docks before returning to the United States two years later in Route One/USA.

“I’ve been living and filming abroad since 1979. Doc’s Kingdom is the first of the last eight movies I’ve been able to shoot in english. It is also the first to get back into my material : the USA, a home, a home land, what you are inevitably a part of and what you are forever outside.” (Robert Kramer)

DOC'S KINGDOM / 1988 / 90'
+ 52-page bilingual booklet

Author(s) Robert Kramer
Artist(s) Robert Kramer
Format DVD9 PAL Interzone 0 ALL Regions + Blu-Ray
Language(s) English, Portuguese
Subtitles English, French
Runtime 170 min
Publisher RE:VOIR

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