FOMAPAN R100 B/W universal film Super 8 cartridges from Passo Ridotto with ANDEC development coupon

15m (50ft) cartridges of FOMAPAN R100 B/W universal film reconditioned by Passo Ridotto Lab in Naples with ANDEC development coupon

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61,00 €

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FOMAPAN R 100 is a panchromatically sensitized black and white reversal film of the speed ISO 100/21° DIN. It is  distinguished by very fine grain, high resolving power and contour sharpness, and higher contrast. It can be processed only in reversal process, producing positive images (transparencies) that can be projected, never in standard negative process, due to its particular anti-halo layer composition.

All cartridges are original Kodak cartridges loaded manually with 15m of non-exposed film material, ready to be used in any super8 camera. At the standard speed of 18 fps, 15 meters of film is equivalent to about 3 minutes of footage. All cartridges are sealed with pieces of tape instead of being glued to protect the film from light and at the same time to keep them easy to open in the darkroom. Never open a cartridge in the light! The cartridge is completely reusable after the film’s processing. For each returned cartridge, 2€ will be reimbursed.

If you plan to develop yourself, you can open the cartridge by following the video instructions below :