L'ange DVD/Blu-ray

This boxset contains the first feature film by Patrick Bokanowsk as well as 3 documentaries about Patrick and Michèle Bokanowski, as well as a booklet of 47 pages.

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The first feature film by Patrick Bokanowski (1977-1982), reissued and remastered (2K scan) in a DVD-Blu-Ray combo.

"Master of my universe? I can not say that. I even wonder if the beginnings, when one does not control much, are not the most fruitful, precisely because of these technical misunderstandings that allow for many things. "
- Patrick Bokanowski

"[...] Patrick Bokanoswki draws and paints regularly with his eyes closed. It is a question of being guided by the hand, the gesture, the body and the intuition rather than by the intellectual vision of what is happening. "
- Pip Chodorov

"The Angel is there is not there. [...] He does not reign over the scattered world in which we sometimes think he perceives it. He announces nothing. He is no doubt the messenger of anyone, except the enigmatic light, if not a hidden fire. "
- Gilbert Lascault, '' Metamorphoses of the light '', Le Monde, 08/04/1984.

'' L'Ange''; Patrick Bokanowski (1977-1982), 35mm, new version restored (2016 - scan 2K), color, sound. Stereo, 70 '.

Two documentary on the filmmaker, by Jean-Claude Lubtchansky: '' A creator of the imaginary: Patrick Bokanowski - Hieroglyphs '' & '' Cine-Court '', 1975 & 1977, © INA

An interview with Michèle Bokanowski, extracted from '' Court-circuit n° 180 '' directed by Lorenzo Recio for © ARTE France - MK2TV (2004)

The booklet includes introductory lyrics to 'The Angel' by Jayne Pilling, an interview with Dominique Païni, and an interview with Scott MacDonald. Also included are reproductions of many of the planning documents for the film (sketches, models, etc.).

Author(s) Patrick Bokanowski
Artist(s) Patrick Bokanowski, Michele Bokanowski
Format Blu-Ray/DVD9 PAL Interzone, 4:3, Stereo
Original format 35mm,16mm
Year 1977-1982
Language(s) French
Subtitles English
Runtime 70min
Publisher RE:VOIR

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