Joost Rekveld - 11 films


Blu-Ray/DVD Joost Rekveld - 11 films, 173', 117-page booklet

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Blu-Ray/DVD Joost Rekveld - 11 films, 173', 117-page booklet.

"Since the early 1990s, visionary artist Joost Rekveld has been exploring the inner depths and outer reaches of optical expression at the nexus of technology and natural phenomena, producing a body of astonishing works of mesmerizing abstraction. Rekveld's film combine a remarkable ingenuity and facility with the image-making capabilities of various machines (many of his own design) with his radically inventive theories and approaches to form, motion, and perception. The result has been astartlingly diverse, ever-expanding body of work marked by formal rigor, beathtaking imagery, and a rich, expressive audiovisual poetry."
- LA Film Forum

Author(s) Joost Rekveld
Artist(s) Joost Rekveld
Format Blu-Ray BD50;DVD9 PAL
Year 1992/2017
Runtime 173 mins
Pages 117
Publisher Re:Voir Video

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