Les paysans ne sont pas à vendre, 13 documentaires de Philippe Haudiquet , Dvd

Les paysans ne sont pas à vendre, 13 documentaires de Philippe Haudiquet , Dvd View larger

The cinematographic work of Philippe Haudiquet covers 20 years of French rural life.

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It constitutes by the density of its contents and by the cinematographic process which animates it, one of the most outstanding references of the peasant ethnography. After a career in film criticism, Philippe Haudiquet began shooting in the early 70's in Occitania, in the Luberon, participating in the nascent rise of a "Occitan" movement of French cinema. For several years, he directed many documentaries campaigning as close as possible to the Larzac struggle, notably his two feature films Gardarem lo Larzac (1974) and Les Bâtisseurs / Larzac 75-77 (1978). Philippe Haudiquet then turned to the landscapes of the north of France where he went to film the last mills in activity or the culture of the beet. He dedicated his career as a filmmaker to peasant traditions endangered all over France, threatened by the military industry or upset by the exodus.

Contains 13 films: Gardarem lo Larzac, Villages of Larzac, Responses to an attack, Builders, Sansa, Transhumance in the Luberon, Mills of the North, Twilight, Les Halles, Bibi, Literacy in Haiti, Paul Langevin, Georges Rouquier.


Author(s) Philippe Haudiquet
Artist(s) Philippe Haudiquet
Format 4x DVD PAL, 16/9
Year 1970-1985
Language(s) French
Subtitles English
Runtime 7h50min
Pages 72 ( Booklet )
Publisher Les Documents Cinématographiques