Marguerite Harris : Flowers and leaves

2 DVD set of Handmade Films by Marguerite Harris 

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Marguerite Harris is an U.S. American visual artist, experimental filmmaker and writer; graduated from the Indiana University Bloomington and the holder of a MFA in New Media. She has written and published various essays on Film/Video/Numeric Computer Art & Immersive Environments. Her publications are now used in the area of Contemporary Cinema Art and New Media Theories. Based in Paris, she mostly exhibits her installations across the United States, in France and in Berlin.

This DVD contains her two films screened at the exhibition at the Film Gallery on August 29, 2014.


Flowers & Leaves # 1
A film by Marguerite Harris / Michael Rudnick
5 'loop

Flowers & Leaves # 2
A film by Marguerite Harris
22 'loop


Author(s) Marguerite Harris
Artist(s) Marguerite Harris
Format 2x DVD
Year 2014
Runtime 27 min
Publisher Re:voir

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