Jun Kurosawa - Selected works vol.2 METAPHYSICS OF LIGHT

Second volume of a Blu-ray anthology of Japanese artist Jun Kurosawa’s short films presented by KRAUT FILM

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Reflected light of water’s surface and sunlight that penetrates glass, the shadow of the blue sky and things.
In the darkness of a theater space, the fixed light on a film becomes various modes through tungsten light.
Selected experimental works by Jun Kurosawa that one would be attracted by the mystique and beauty of a film.
The Interview on Early Activities by Hirotaka Kitazawa (Interviewee: Jun Kurosawa)

1.hi ka ri / 1988, super-8, color, 5:37 min
2.COMPOSITION / 1989, super-8, color, 2:28 min
3.The film about thinking of lights by using cheap wine glass./ 1989, super-8, color, 2:21 min
4.SURFACE / 1989, super-8, color, 2:57 min
5.SKY’S GONE OUT / 1988, single-8, color, 3:15 min
6.IN HEAVEN / 1988, super-8, color, 7:08 min
7.LENS OF SPINOZA / 1989, super-8, color, 13 min
8.REQUIEM / 1989, single-8, color, 13 min

安価なワイングラスを用いて光について考察するフィルム【extract】 from KRAUT FILM on Vimeo.

Author(s) Hirotaka Kitazawa
Artist(s) Jun Kurosawa
Format Blu-ray disc, Region 0 ALL,
Original format 8mm, Super 8, video
Year 1988-2019
Runtime 60 min
Publisher Kraut Films

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