A.G. : VIDEOS : 2003-2013

A DVD with 11 videos by the media artist Agis Giannoulis.

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Agis Giannoulis is a media artist based in Paris. ‘A.G:VIDEOS:2003-2013’ (website / dvd) consists of eleven video works produced by A.G from 2003 to 2013 in London, Athens and Paris. Precedently he has released three studio albums in the vein of contemporary, minimal and neo-classcal music, under the names of ANIKA and A.G. His artistic research interests are directed mainly into contemporary music and electronic arts. He has studied Graphic Arts, Music Technology and Digital Arts in United Kingdom. Αt present, he examines the experience of the receiver (audience) in the new situation of interactive arts in the digital era. He has collaborated with Free103Point9 Transmission Arts organization by participating in Noise!2009 Festival (Ontological Hysteric Theater) in New York, and moreover he has participated in various collective exhibitions where he presented musical and video art works.

Author(s) Agis Giannoulis
Artist(s) Agis Giannoulis, Aphex Twin, Phillip Glass, Chrome, Steve Reich
Format DVD PAL, Region 0, 16:9
Original format video
Year 2014
Publisher Agis Giannoulis

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