John Hofsess - Palace of Pleasure Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray edition of the film Palace of Pleasure by John Hofsess

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A long-neglected classic of Canadian experimental cinema, a triumph of erotic art, a film about which Gene Youngblood once wrote, “See it and you’ll see a window on the future: a Joyce-Burroughs assemblage of bold, poetic surreal visions of physical love in every conceivable form.

In 1967, John Hofsess released The Palace of Pleasure, a dual-screen therapeutic exploration of the erotic imagination. Intended as a trilogy, only the first two sequences were completed.

The first part, Redpath 25, is a fantasy meeting between a young woman and her dream lover; the second part, Black Zero, is a macabre, ritual vision of sexual freedom and domestic life that haunts the mind long after the screen has darkened.

First pressing, limited edition of 1000.

1967 / 38 minutes / colour / stereo / 2.66:1AR


  • Newly restored 4K digital master from the film’s surviving elements, approved by director John Hofsess

  • Commentary by film preservationist Stephen Broomer

  • The Columbus of Sex: a speculative reconstruction, an exploration of Hofsess’s lost feature film

  • The Looking Cure, a video essay by Broomer on Hofsess’s concept of ‘cinematherapy’

  • Resurrection of the Body, a speculative sequel to Hofsess’s film

  • Liner notes by Hofsess and Broomer

Author(s) John Hofsess
Artist(s) John Hofsess, Stephen Broomer
Format Blu-Ray, Region A
Original format 16mm
Year 1967
Language(s) English
Runtime 38 min
Publisher Black Zero

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