A Fundamental Error

A Fundamental Error is a DVD edition of 6 short digital videos by galician experimental filmmaker Alberte Pagán.

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A Fundamental Error 3’25” 2016
Noite de Rodos 4’15” 2016
Long Face (carvom) 6’15” 2014
Sonho Bolivariano (balor) 5’50” 2014
Forgoselo (granito) 4’10” 2014
Peter (tubo) 3’26” 2015

“(…) A Fundamental Error is a retake on my portrait of Kubelka Peter(tube), in which I reshot his face projected onto a tube screen. Here I delve into its hexadecimal code so that it degenerates even further. The champion of analog cinema, the meticulous montage artist, thus becomes an utterly unpredictable dance of digits and codes” A.P

Author(s) Alberte Pagán.
Artist(s) Alberte Pagán.
Year 2016