A DVD with 11 videos by the media artist Agis Giannoulis.

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Colours In Black & White (DVD / HD AV), consisted of five parts, is the new audiovisual artwork by A.G created from 2017 to 2018. This project is an approach of - Digital Visual Music - in linear process, intersecting the aesthetics of new media art and post-minimal composition, as well as experimenting with the bounds of static and moving imagery next to the music in slow motion. The visuals were developed by the transformation and multiplication of a single video signal through digital post-production, resulting into an abstract black & white video synthesis.

Titles :

Colours In Black & White I : 2017 (Duration 25:00)

Colours In Black & White II : 2017 (Duration 30:15)

Colours In Black & White III : 2018 (Duration 25:33)

Colours In Black & White IV : 2018 (Duration 28:15)

Colours In Black & White V : 2018 (Duration 18:50)

Author(s) Agis Giannoulis
Artist(s) Agis Giannoulis
Year 2017-2018

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