Mika Taanila & Harry Salmenniemi - Tectonic Plate (Mannerlaatta)

Blu-ray boxset of the film 'Tectonic Plate' plus 2 bonus films and a 32 page booklet

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After returning from a lengthy business trip to Tokyo, the  nameless protagonist is inexplicably stuck at a hotel nearby the Helsinki airport. The events are fixed to the character’s life-style of constant jet lag and multitasking.  The use of various technical devices, such as phones, computers and heart rate monitors, slivers his time-management and modifies the consciousness.

In the ’camera-less’ experiment Tectonic Plate, visual-artist Mika Taanila’s photograms and poet Harry Salmenniemi’s stark intertitles simulate the jet-laggy anxiety of international air travel. Pages from security pamphlets are distorted into rough particles of grain; a five-minute zoom-out transforms words into geometric patterns. These shifts between legibility and abstraction often literally force the viewer’s eyes to refocus, dislocating both cognitive and sensory perception; the resulting dissociative panic produces a very bodily feeling of free fall. The physically droughts photograms, which alternatively evoke encephalographs or airport x-rays of carry-on items, anchor the out-of-body paranoia in an unshakable tactility. Opening the stylish bound book of Salmenniemi’s text in the box set (which also contains two shorts by Taanila) reawakens the sensory trauma: ”I am an accident that is happening to someone else.” – Chloe Lizotte, Film Comment


The region free disc contains Mika Taanila’s cameraless film Tectonic Plate (2016, both English and Finnish versions), an audio commentary by Olaf Möller and Taanila plus two extra shorts: Optical Sound (2005, music by [The User] and A Physical Ring (2002, music by Mika Vainio).

The box set contains two volumes of books (ENG/FIN, each 126 pages) with the original texts for the film by Harry Salmenniemi and a 32-page illustrated booklet. Limited edition 300 copies.

Author(s) Harry Salmenniemi
Artist(s) Mika Taanila & Harry Salmenniemi
Format Region free Blu-ray. Audio 5.1 (except A Physical Ring 2.0)
Year 2016
Language(s) Finnish & English versions
Runtime 194 min
Pages 126 pages
Publisher testifilmi