Werner von Mutzenbecher : Film is a Mystery

DVD with 18 short films by the Swiss artist Werner von Mutzenbecher

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Though von Mutzenbecher has achieved greater recognition as a painter, his film-making has followed a distinct and equally effective path. His approach to each medium stays true to their unique characteristics. Routinely working alone, the filmmaker himself frequently appears in his films. Other people are rarely seen. Instead, we are given spaces and objects to observe. The spaces between objects, private and public environments, commonplace domestic items, noteworthy architecture, suggestions of psychological states.
-Mark Webber

A relatively slender body of work produced over the last fifty years, von Mutzenbecher’s films occupy a distinctive place in the history of experimental film-making. They are neither properly “structural” or “objective,” nor just personal, diaristic, or generically “poetic.” They combine both modes, lyrical and descriptive, through their structural, often deadpan formal approach to personally charged recorded material.
-Adam Szymczy

1. I/68 Dinge 1968, 16mm, 8' b&w silent
2. II/69 Kunsthalle 1969, 16mm, 6' b&w silent
3. III/71 Aktionen 1971, 16mm, 15' b&w sound
4. XIV/82 Filme 1982, 16mm, 21' color sound
5. XV/84 Vogelhaus 1984, 16mm, 9' b&w sound
6. XVI/84 Fenster III 1984, 16mm, 4' b&w silent
7. XXVII/03 Filmmaker's afternoon 2003, 16mm, 6' b&w silent
8. XIX/88 4x8 1988, 16mm, 3' color silent 9. Movimenti II/90 1990, 16mm, 3' color silent
10. XVII/85 Projektionen 1985, 16mm, 8' b&w sound
11. Objekte (Flickerfilm) 2017, 16mm, 3'b&w silent
12. Personae (Drei Generationen) 2017, 16mm, 4' b&w silent
13. XX/88 Pelczyn 1988, 16mm, 12' color sound  EN Subtitles
14. IX/75 Schlachthof 1975, 16mm, 20' color sound
15. X/78 Rheinhafen 1978, 16mm, 12' color silent
16. Rom 70/71 1970-71, Super-8, 20' color silent
17. XXII/90 Wolf-Passerelle 1990, 16mm, 6' color sound
18. XVIII/85 Untergrund 1985, 16mm, 5' b&w sound

Author(s) Werner von Mutzenbacher
Format DVD9 PAL Interzone Region 0, Stereo, 4:3
Original format 16mm
Year 1968-2017
Language(s) German
Subtitles English, French
Runtime 165 min
Publisher REVOIR

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