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  • Catalog of the exhibition Isidore Isou et la Méca-Esthétique (1944-1987) at the Galerie de Paris

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  • The texts about Isidore Isou, his works of art, written by Enrico Mascelloni and Roland Sabatier. In Italien, in French and in English. 

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  • Catalog of the screening of the film Traité de bave et d'éternité at the Center Pompidou.

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  • A book by Maurice Lemaitre

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  • Documents Lettristes N°34. Octobre 85

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  • Newsletter of the Association of Cinematographers and Audiovisual Directors (ACRA).

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  • First edition copy of paperback book with texts on dance and cheoreography by Maurice Lemaître with a preface by Isidore Isou. Available only in French!

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  • Documents Lettristes N°95, december 1990.

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