Cinéma des ruines : les films de Solomon Nagler


The dvd anthology contains the complete recent cinematic works of Solomon Nagler. The Elegy Trilogy, the Landscape Trilogy, Notes on Gestures and Black Salt Water Elegy, working as a key of an architecture of striking visions.

    Writing with light: white calligraphy


    Three films by Takahiko Iimura.

    WHITE CALLIGRAPHY, RE-READ (1967-2010, 12min)
    PERFORMANCE 1, WHITE CALLIGRAPHY (1967/2009, Toronto, 9min)
    PERFORMANCE 2, WHITE CALLIGRAPHY (1967/2005, Tokyo, 8.5min)

      Seeing / Hearing / Speaking


      A multimedia DVD / Video by Takahiko Iimura with text, video (33min), graphics and animation.

      2002 / DVD / B&W / sound / 33min