Paroles d'artistes - Volume 1

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Ten recent acquisitions made ​​by the National Museum of Modern Art.

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Ten recent acquisitions made ​​by the National Museum of Modern Art presented in this DVD reflect the diversity of contemporary artistic production in France. These words of artists are those photographers, architects, designers, painters and sculptors, explaining how they thought their work when they created them.

Presentation by Alfred Pacquement, director of the Mnam-Cci
Valérie Belin Sans titre (de la série "Mannequins", n°4 et n°7), 2003
Carol Benzaken Western, 2002
Alain Bublex Plug-in City (2000) - Expérience monumentale, 2003
Vincent Corpet 2850 T&P 27,28,29 VI 98, h/t, 260 x 300, 1998
Luc Delahaye US Bombing of Talibans Positions, 2001
Didier Fiuza Faustino Maison sans titre, Vendée, 2002
Arik Levy Lampe Piflow, 2004
Roche Dsv & Sie Scrambled Flat 2.0, Waterflux, Evolène, Suisse, 2002
Anri Sala Mixed Behaviour, 2003
Wang Du Le Baiser, 2005

Directed by Patricia Cartier-Million and Danielle Schirman


Author(s) Patricia Cartier-Millon, Danielle Schirman
Artist(s) Valérie Belin, Carole Benzaken, Alain Bublex, Vincent Corpet, Luc Delahaye, Didier Fuiza Faustino, Arik Levy, Roche Dsv & Sie, Anri Sala, Wang Du
Format DVD 5 Pal Interzone
Language(s) French
Subtitles English
Runtime 68 min
Publisher Centre Pompidou

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