Cinexpérimentaux 6: MARCEL HANOUN

A documentary by Frédérique Dévaux and Michel Amarger
+2 films by Marcel Hanoun

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最具创新精神的电影人Marcel Hanoun给我们带来一节“电影课”。 Frédérique Devaux和Michel Amarger在他的乡间别墅拍摄了这幅作品,构成了他丰富的肖像。

Film clips and sparks of theoretic bravura testify to the feverish creativity and the drunken agitation behind which lurks the ever-composed voice of the filmmaker.

实验电影 6: Marcel Hanoun 2003, 65分钟, 彩色, Frédérique Devaux et Michel Amarger导演纪录片。

Marcel Hanoun的2部电影

Men Who Have Lost Their Roots, 15分钟
Dying to live 50分钟

Author(s) Frédérique Devaux & Michel Amarger
Artist(s) Frédérique Devaux & Michel Amarger, Marcel Hanoun
Format DVD5 PAL Interzone/Region 0, mono, 4:3
Year 2003
Language(s) French
Subtitles English
Runtime 150 min
Publisher Re:Voir

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