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  • DVD from redavocadofilms with 7 films by Bastian Clevé and a bonus interview with the filmmaker

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  • The catalog and DVD published for the "Retrospective Exhibition of the Early Video Art" at the Nagoya City Gallery in Japan on 2006.1.5-22*CATALOG IN JAPANESE LANGUAGE*

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  • CD-Rom version of Observer/Observed conceived as  a multimedia piece with text and CG animation in addition to video. Compatible with Mac OSX4/Windows.

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  • A film by Anne Maregiano. This documentary takes the form of an intimate confession backed up by historical archives. 70min - 2010

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  • A documentary by Frédérique Devaux & Michel Amarger on the filmmaker Rose Lowder.  Includes 12 films by Lowder.

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  • A 5 DVD boxset with the complete works (13 films) of Adolpho Arrietta (aka Adolfo Arrieta, Udolfo Arrieta, Alfo Arrieta or Adolpho Arrieta)

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  • ICPCE presents CONTRE-OEIL, an anthology on 3 DVD of Canadian and Québec experimental films and video art (1960-2011).

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  • This boxset contains 10 short films by Patrick Bokanowsk as well as one documentary about Patrick Bokanowski, as well as a booklet of 44 pages.

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