Peter Rose - Analogies

Five films by Peter Rose

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"I'm an escape artist. I aspire to travel in the fifth dimension, to speak unknown languages, to discover the next stage in the evolution of thought. I construct structural parables that allude to the possibility of there being more to the universe than is permitted by our explanations."
-Peter Rose

“One of the characteristics of Peter Rose’s work is to scrutinise the ability of cinema and video to create inherent and often paradoxical meanings without necessarily resorting to narration. Whichever the chosen medium (video, computer, film, performance, etc.), his work jeopardises the idea of communication by upsetting the different systems set up for each film or video. Through the proliferation, repetition, multiplication or segmentation of images, texts, speech or alphabets, he explores our capacity to produce a unique meaning.”

– Yann Beauvais

Incantations, 1968-1972, 8'
Analogies : Studies in the Movement of Time, 1977, 14'
The Man Who Could Not See Far Enough, 1981, 33'
Secondary Currents, 1983-1990, n/b, 16'
Spirit Matters, 1991, 6'

Includes a 24-page bilingual book with texts by Sara D'Agostino

Peter Rose - Analogies DVD (Trailer) from Re:Voir Video on Vimeo.

Author(s) Peter Rose
Artist(s) Peter Rose, Jeff Guess
Format DVD PAL Interzone/Region-Free, mono
Original format 16mm
Year 1968-1991
Runtime 78 min
Publisher Re:Voir

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